The earth is a beautiful place. Everything you’ve ever known, everything you’ve ever felt, thought, heard of, or seen, has all taken place right here on our small planet which we call Earth. But what exactly is the earth, and why do humans feel that life in all of its complexity and interdependence is normal? Life itself is an anomaly. If we search far and wide through outer space with all of our advanced technology of modern science, we cannot find life anywhere. That’s the story, and that’s the story that science is sticking with.

Yet, here on Earth, we see so much life and so much variety, and so many manifestations. Not only this, but all aspects of life support one another. The anemones in the ocean house clownfish who are hiding from prey. The berries on the tree nourish the bear who walks by who is starving and needs sustenance. The seeds which bear fruit also create new life to begin again as the cycle continues. Humans breathe the air of the earth and we take this for granted. The air connects us and we breathe every breath and we are united through our life force. However, to the untrained mind, even the air in all of its blessed glory is but seen as a normal occurrence.

If we look at fish in an aquarium from the outside of a tank, we see fish swimming in the water. If I were to tell the fish, that the fish is swimming in water, the fish would say, “What water?” In much the same way, humans are breathing on the earth. The air we breathe is our water; and yet, so many of us say, “What water?”