Happy Fall Equinox! Like the changing of the seasons, we often experience transitional shifts in the people, circumstances, and events that shape our lives in undreamed of ways. During such times, it can feel like we are being tossed around by the seas of change, and we desperately try to hold on to something—anything for a sense of stability. Do not despair. This turmoil, despite all appearances, is the universe rearranging the aspects of your life that are not aligned with your highest good. Be very gentle with yourself during this time of transition. You are releasing old patterns, toxic relationships, and all components of your old self that no longer serve you.

In the midst of chaos, it is important to remain in the eye of the storm. Practicing meditation is the key to remaining centered and calm. As you tune into the silence, you connect to a higher wisdom that transcends both your story and experience. Although you are evolving through your life experiences, there is a part of you that remains untouched by circumstance. This part of you is the witness and your higher self. Allow this deep and intrinsic part of you to guide you, shelter you, and comfort you through all aspects of your journey. Trust that your higher self only wants what is best for you and is moving ahead of you to bring you closer to your soul’s purpose and highest joy.  As your surrender to life, you will realize that this transition is not your destruction—it is your metamorphosis.