A Day in the life

1306, 2017

“Reflections” by Diana Jadduroy

The first time I visited Sedona Mago Retreat was in July 2015. I had never been to Sedona before let alone the west coast and I did not know what to expect or what I would learn but I felt [...]

1106, 2017

“Reflections” by Sunnie LA

Going to the Mago retreat changed my life in great ways that surprised me. I'd been wanting to go to Sedona for over a decade and had heard from my local yoga studio how magical the location and vortexes were [...]

706, 2017

“Fire and Wind, for my Mother” by Donna Czajkowsk

I heard the message, “It will be this weekend. Something. Maybe not the final thing. But Something.” ”Go anyway”, I heard. “You need this.” So, I went. On my way to Mago, I ran into an old friend. Someone I [...]

106, 2017

“Reflections” by Stephanie Salic

My experience at Sedona Mago Retreat took place in April of this year during the Gathering of the Shamans with the Ruiz family. This was my first time to Sedona and when I saw the opportunity to go, it called [...]